Friday, 31 July 2009

Having decided that I would now take the southern route to Ulaanbaatar I met up with a French guy riding 125cc Honda. Very little kit (no protective gear or map) and as a result a very light and easy to ride bike. I stayed with him for a morning and then let him ride ahead. That night I picked what I thought was a good spot a slept a peaceful night. I awoke the next morning to realise it was feet from the road as the first truck of the day thundered past.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Time for a re-think!

Headed off today for the apparently pituresque middle route to Ulaanbaator. After 2 hours of searching I was shown the road that I should take. Just wide enough for a vehicle and 70KM to the next habitation. So I decided to take the main road instead thinking that it would be better. Started ok but when I hit sand and dropped the bike for the 3rd time, could not turn it around in the sand and very tired I decided to go back to last nights accommodation and take the southern route tomorrow. I am quite proud of myself. I actually realised that to continue would be foolhardy.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

The road to Khovd. What a tough road to ride. Rocks,sand and gravel resulted in a 9 hour ride all done standing. Just as well Arnold Schwarzamagig lent me his legs. I just need to go to dinner with him when I am in California. Not sure if I will have anything to wear.

There are no pleasantries from mosquitos here. As soon as they see you they are in for the kill.
A day off was called for so the bike had some more loving attention.
A Mongolian tour guide and her driver have recommended a more interesting road for my ride to Ulaanbaatar.


Sunday, 26 July 2009

To Khovd and tomorrow beyond

Having arrived at the Russian side of theMongolian border on a Sunday I was convinced that they are highly religious because it was closed so I went back to my campsite. Where I found this little helper eager to do anything he possibly could so that he did not have to look after his flock of sheep.
Quiz time

Kazakhstan is the 9th largest country in the world. What are th 8 larger countries?

I am known for my resemblance to a furnace. In which room in the photo of this Semey hotel was I staying?

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The second off until a needed pitstop in Russia

In Barnaul Russia I met up with a local who had looked after my riding buddy when he was here. Dennis spent a good 2 days looking after me. Good man. He also took me to an excellent repair shop.

What is it about the Victory sign?

Saturday, 18 July 2009

All change!!!!!!

On the way north through Kazakhstan I was given food and offered a bed on 2 separate ocasions.. I turned the beds down when I realised I would be sleeping in with the family and they tend to get up at 0500. I know I do not need my beauty sleep but I prefer not to get up at 0500. All they needed in return was to have their photo take.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Almaty Again

Hello everyone. The adventure continues as of today. My bike is at the garage having a variety of modifications and Almaty does not seem as bad as it did last time. I hope you are sitting their transfixed and unable to wait for the next episode. Hopefully the ending will be better than the last one. An ex-pat called martin has stepped into the breach and helped me with sorting out transport etc and of course he kept KX safe for over a month. Cheers Martin!!!

Had a good time whilst home. Met some new people saw some old people and treid to chill out though I my thoughts were in Mongolia.

My plan has had to change if I am to have any chance of catching David who is acting as my pathfinder. Hence, instead of flying to Vancouver I will ride to San Fransisco and so cut the corner. Shame since I was really looking forward to Yellowstone, bears,Mc Donalds (not) and other the other things that are good about the States.

It would appear that I am being plagued by the highly dangerous photo gremlin since some of the photos in my older post have disappeared. Come BLOGGER sort it out.