Friday, 30 October 2009

Just a small house all to myself

This is Delores Hidalgo where Father Hidalgo in 1810 started the Mexican Revolution for Independence. They marched just down the road to San Niguel de Allende where the revolution grew yet further. I am sorry to any Mexican readers for describing their revolution so poorly.

I stayed with friends on their fabulous ranch and encourage any mutual friends to go and visit.
More shots of San Miguel de Allende.

Do I really look like a Storm Trooper?

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Sounds like a car!

Here in Durango

the hotel foyer made the ideal location for Masiy´s overnight stay. Since my bike is now a very close part of my family she has been given a name and from this day forth will be known as Maisy the motorcycle.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Copper Canyon

The border was where I met a bunch of American off road bikers who were on their way to ride Copper Canyon. This was my intended first location of interest in Mexico. Once we got across the border, they had a few problems, I was welcomed into the fold and spent the next 3/4 days with them.

It was great to be riding with like minded people who wanted to hear about my stories. Jason even told me that he needs to convince the wife to let him do a long trip. Possibly around Oz. Do it mate!!

Copper Canyon was stunning and certainly gives the Grand Canyon a run for its money. I rode with them to a village right at the bottom called Batopillas. My poor old bike, let alone me found it hard going. So the next day I took the easy way out and took a truck back to the top. I did feel very guilty but I have to look after the bike. She has a long way to go.

The team.

Monday, 26 October 2009

What no hot water!

I rode on to Aguacaliante which to me means hot water. Unfortunately the water was extremely cold. At least that in my shower was and by this time I was south of the Tropic of Cancer.

Just a pretty shot.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

The hotel in Douglas at the border was great. Having been given an OK room I met the owner who allowed me to park my bike alongside her husbands Harley and then proceede to give me the ´Motorcycle Suite´, with jacuzzi, for the same price as the original room. It was adorned with Harley Davidson motifs etc and there was a miniature working Harley in the corner. I took some timed photos of me in the jacuzzi. Unfortunately the timer did not give me long enough to get submerged with the obvious results. Applications from females for photographs can be sent to me care of ??????
The band even turne out to welcome me across the border.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Well I finally decided to leave the USA behind me and head south. My good friends the Bales bade me farewell and I headed for Douglas and the Mexican border.

I found an appropriate sticker for the bike. I seem to remember a song about that. Or was it "I´m on the road to nowhere" either way it seems appropriate.

It became clear that after all of my trials and tribulations that they had decided to ordane me. The thing is I have known for years that I have been saint like.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Finally on the road again!!!!

Took the really dull, straight, busy and hot Highway 10 to southern Arizona. Once I managed to get off main roads the scenery was wild and stunning and their seemed to be some interesting inhabitants. Voluntary and non-voluntary.
Turns out to be the perfect place to have a prison. Not a good picture of this cactus but it looks just like an egg from Alien and coupled with the huge Saguaro cactus the whole area is not ideal for making a jail break. Perhaps Ripley should offer her services to aid escapees.
Time for some trivia. The Saguaro cactus, I think this is one though without my pocket guide for cacti found in the Florence area of Arizona I cannot be sure. I apologise in advance to all you cactus huggers out there. Anyway back to Saguaro trivia. They grow at 6" every 9 years and some have reached 50' with 50 arms. They are the Arizona equivilent of trees.

Finally arrived at Tombstone. You know the place where the gunfight at the OK Coral took place.
First thing I saw was this grave. Apart from smoking in the motel the occupant had also leant on the bar whilst gurning. He was sentenced in the original courthouse.

Whilst in Tombstone I met some Corvette enthusiasts in town for a rally. Great people who took me to dinner that night. Corvettes being 2 seaters there was not a lot of room for me so I was stuffed in the boot. I like to think that they were smuggling me out of the town to avoid the law who were searching cars for me after my saloon misdemeanour. Anyway back to real world.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Harley Davidsons. Motorcycles or antisocial, tortoise powered arm chairs

I decided to hire a Harley Davidson Heritage Custom for a couple of days and take it on some really twisty roads. It was fun. Riding any motorbike is fun but there were times when I wished I had a sportsbike. Especially when a group of them passed in the other direction. That said none of them overtook me.

I have been told that my oversized riding kit makes me look like a midget. Does anyone concur?

After the twisty turneys stopped off in Julian for some man to man conversations with Wild Bill, apple pie (not a touch on mum's) and to observe the towns similarity with London, bakeries, fire and about 300 years.