Tuesday, 16 June 2009


So back home at last. That said I am feeling a little guilty because my buddy is out there riding alone.
These are the Kazakhstan and UK casts. Note how the Kazakh one is equipped with a shin kicking point and the UK one is ideal for use by the Royal Marines. It sounds as if I will be in plaster for at least 6 weeks which means that David will have time to ride to the moon and back. I think that it will take me a long time to catch him!! I go to the fracture clinic on Thursday so I will be pleading with them to get the cast of asap. It reminds me of another time when I was pleading with doctors to get the cast off my leg but that is another story and you all know what a lousy story teller I am. I have decided to keep the blog going since whether I like it or not this time in the UK is simply a phase in my trip around the world.

Friday, 12 June 2009

Things not too good here!!!!

David has continued on with the route. How sad do I feel!! I am using the services of an ex-pat Rotary guy called Martin. Currently he has dedicated a whole 2 days to ferrying me around, storing my bike and basically getting me sorted. The current plan is to leave my bike here, fly home and then return when my leg is healed in a month or so and then continue the trip. The idea is to meet up with David in the States somewhere. I will zip through because I have seen a lot of it on the route already. Meanwhile for those of you that understand the link, here is the name of the coffee bar where I am doing a lot of hanging out. In addition here is a copy of my medical report for those Russian speaking medical types amongst you. I suspect that this will be my last post until I recommence my journey. Da svedanya. Adios. Auf widersen and goodbye (until the next time).

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Took a kamikaze taxi ride back to Almaty and decided to get the foot looked at. Diagnosis broken tibia and would be in plaster for one month. World open up and swallow me please!!!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

From there we headed to Almaty across some really awesome tracks and then the Charyn Canyon. What a great location and miles from the nearest town. In fact Almaty is 3 hours away. Unfortunately whilst there I came off my bike and the left 'leg breaker' pannier landed on my leg. David managed to lift it off but my foot my b****y hurt. Fortunately a passing car was able to take me to where we had planned to kip that night and having ridden his bike there David went back for mine. I was the focus of attention for every kid in the surrounding area as David pitched my tent and I lay there feeling very sorry for myself and my ankle continued to swell. It was amazing how much soft tissue damage can hurt. For the those of you who said they wanted more pictures of me rather then the damn bike here is one of both.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Well we got out of Uzbekistan but unfortunately had to go to Kazakhstan since the Kyrgystan border was closed. On the first night we could not find somewhere to camp so knocked on a door to see if we could pitch our tent somewhere on our land. Basically they took us in gave us food and a room to sleep in.