Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Mach II Ride Back to Buenos Aires (well at 94.324Km/h Maisie's Cruising Speed)

In Ingleses I decided to visit Los Angeles before returning to the UK. I found a flight on 15 March that was $500 cheaper than all other flights. So it was easy to make the decision to take that flight. This meant that I would need to be back in Buenos Aires asap in order to get Maisie ready for her sad journey home. So it meant averaging 600km per day which to Maisie meant pushing the envelope of the sound barrier. The first day to Puerto Alegre was wet but we saw a tornado and the effects of a landslide. If you look closely you can just make it out to the right of the red rubbish bin.

As I followed Graham and Sue through Puerto Alegre a car went past us in a very big hurry. It pulled into a police checkpoint, the occupent jumped out and flagged down Graham. Too late for me to stop so I rode on and stopped about 100m further on. Graham and Sue climbed off and I hid my bike down a side road. No point in me getting knicked for the same offence as them. So I tried to watch from my vantage point. I continued to watch for the next hour thinking that if they were there that long it must be a serious offence. Then I saw the police having their photograph taken by the motorbike. Time to find out what was happening. It turns out that Charles who we met in Coyhaeque a was the 'copper'. How unlikely was that?

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