Sunday, 14 September 2014

Texas. Nothing like that portrayed by the Bobby Ewing gang.

I entered Texas at El Paso and immediately realised that it was nothing like the Texas potrayed in the 80s TV programme Dallas.  No big blonde hair, false breasts or stupid suits.  I am sure that if you looked hard enough then you would find them.  There was definitely a good smattering of Stetson wearing cowboys.

Stayed in a Motel 6 in El Paso.  As I climbed into bed at 2330 I was greeted by 4 or 5 black hairs and some crusty Kleenex.  Yuk.  I told the desk and they wanted to move me to a room round the corner and upstairs.  Too much hassle with all my kit and my bike so I slept on the floor.  No more Motel 6 since they refused to offer any type of compensation.

Came across a check point and had to provide my passport for a tobacco chewing Border Patrol Agent.  By the time I had finished there the area around my feet was covered in blobs of brown coloured spit.  What a great image he portrayed  Not!!!!

A bit further down the road I pulled in to the Salt Flat Cafe.  Not another building in sight and run by Shirley who said that the cafe had been in her family for 85 years.  She also advised me that the gravel roads I intended to take from the cafe were created by oil companies, went through private land and were barred by locked gates.  Very glad that I stopped for a BLT.

The alternative route she suggested was the no.54.  It was paved but in 45 miles I did not see a single person.

I am sure there are stranger things to be found in the middle of the desert but this must be close to the top of the list.

Pulled up to read this sign and was about to ride off when I thought 'what a great place to camp'

Pulled into the complex of over 800 cabins and set up my tent next to what appeared to be a cook house.  I was greeted by a friendly dog who led me to a building with caretaker above the door.  On knocking I met Virgil who explained that every August 3000-4000 people get together for a religious camp.

Texas State observatory

Marathon.  Named by a sea captain who thought that it reminded him of Marathon in Greece.  Clearly a vivid imagination.

I though it was a space ship!!

The Alamo in San Antonio.  The Texans are very proud of their history.  It is written into their constitution that if the Texan flag and US flag are flown together they are to be at the same height and that Texas has the right to leave the US and any time.

All the sites below are to be seen on the river walk that is below the level of the city and a good place to socialise.

The first hotel where each room is made as a module and then craned up the building where it was bolted to its neighbours

Quite a large Marriott

'Bloke and Baby'

'Train and no Baby'

Riding along the beach outside Corpus Christi

I liked Corpus Christi so stayed there for 2 nights.  People really friendly and got chatting with people on both nights.  End result was that on each nigh somebody paid for my food and drink.  Happy with that!!  

USS Lexington

Mosquito hell near Galveston

The toilets were air conditioned, bug free and made a great gym

All the buildings on the Gulf Coast are on stilts to avoid storm surges

A mushroom garden

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