Saturday, 31 March 2012

In Pisco drinking Pisco Sours and planning my 'Solo' route for the next couple of months

Had an easy exit from Chalo today and headed north towards Nazca. We passed straight through Nazca since I have already been there and Des was not particularly interested. That said we did stop at the viewing tour to see the 'hands' and then continued north towards Pisco. I had a close to death experience when a car bonnet blew off the top of a scrap metal lorry that I was following. It landed about 10m from me in a
spot where I would have been if something told me that I should not overtake at that precise moment.
A bit Further on Des and I got separated but we managed to find each other again after 40 minutes or so and we arrived in Pisco not long before it got dark.
So not a particularly interesting day as far as the ride is concerned but today is the day that Des and I have decided to go our own ways. I plan but I am now considering amending the route by taking some things out and adding in more things. One other result is that it I will no longer be possible to track me with the Spot tracker.

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