Friday, 29 April 2011

and he is off!

So today I managed to get on the road, well the water anyway as I took the ferry across The Rio del Plata (River Plate) to Colonia in Uruguay. Again customs surprised me and turned out to be quite straight forward. Even the sour faced officials in Uruguay got really chatty once they saw my pannier sticker 'I have no idea where I am going'. Colonia or Colonia del Sacramento to give its full name, is lovely. Apparently the weekend destination for rich Argentinians and I can see why. It was established to run goods into Argentina and so escape the monstrous importation duties. Nothing has changed there then! Met an English couple from Worcester Park, my home town, as I went for a recce/photo opportunity/run to show off my very white legs. They say that black and white go together. I beg to differ especially when it is black shorts and white legs. There also seems to be an abundance of old cars here much like Cuba.

Those of you trained in observation techniques may realise that I am looking different. After a ride out a couple of days ago I realised that I would fail 'read that number plate' section of the UK driving test. Hence a visit to an optician and 700 pesos later for an awlful pair of glasses and I have now joined the 'afflicted'. I keep forgetting that you have to wear them for any improvement in my vision.

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  1. Hurrah!!! So glad you got Daisy finally and are on the move! Yeay!

    Also - as to the glasses I looked at the photo and thought "I didn't know he wore glasses!" See, I'm observant too!! I think they suit you. :)

    Glad you're having fun and all. Keep the blogs coming along...but make the next one quicker please - was starting to wonder if you'd fallen off the planet!!! xxx