Thursday, 14 April 2011

In Buenos Aires, still in Buenos Aires, still in Buenos Aires

Got here a couple of days ago and staying at Dakar Motors the adventure motorcycling hub in southern Argentina. This is the inside of Dakar but unfortunately there seems to be something missing. Oh yes! Daisy. Some US customs official in Miami decided that he wanted to check her out even though she was only transitting and of course UK security is no good so they were clearly justified in their actions. I wonder if it was before or after they frisked that 6 year old girl? In any case Daisy missed her connecting flight and is not due here until next Monday. The other 2 bikes are with her as well. Still smiling though!

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  1. We told you not to hide those "suspicious" items in Daisy, Dave!!!! Glad you've made it and we're sure you're excited to see Daisy in a few days. Missing you in ol' Blighty! Take care, Jen & Steve x