Saturday, 30 April 2011

at last riding again

A steady ride today of 400 odd km. Ended up at a place called Las Palomas and checked into a hotel at this surf spot. I think that the surf was away for the weekend in Hawaii or somewhere. The place was practically deserted so I asked an old couple for a hotel and knew that it was time to leave when they asked me if I believed in God. Unfortunately this guy should have a permanent soap box in Leicester Square and so it was a while before I got to the hotel they had recommended. Before unpacking I went to look at the local lighthouse which was open to the public and I now know how a snail must feel inside its shell.
Whilst at the top I met Lorena and Sergio from Buenos Aires and they were staying at the local hostel and paying peanuts. Not having paid the hotel and with Daisy still loaded I decided to check out the hostel where I got my own dorm for the price of a mixed one. There were only 3 of us in the hostel which was moy or is it mucho bueno. Apparently it all depends if the subject is a noun or a adjective at least that is what my Spanish teacher tells me. At the lighthouse I could only be impressed by the skydiving abilities of local anchors. This one managed to hit the target though it seems to have forgotten its parachute.
Beer and cheese was enjoyed by Sergio, Lorena and myself as we waited for the daily visit from a local mouse that often made an appearance to eat the grapes from the vine that produced a canopy over the courtyard. My Argentinian friends asked me if I was hungry and then offered to cook me dinner. Is the pope a Catholic? We did not have mouse but pasta since from its absence I think the local cat had the mouse. My looks have served me well again or is it because Sergio and Lorena are just really nice people?

I found that the hostel had an interesting line in local art. Make of them what you will!

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