Friday, 28 June 2013

joining east and west and over to Labrador

Yesterday we went to L'Anse Meadows where vikings landed in North America and encountered Indigenous Americans.  This completed mans settlement around the world.  Vikings clearly did not wear glasses otherwise they would have looked like complete dweebs.
Then took the ferry from St Barbe to Blanc Sablon and rode the 1km across the border from Quebec into Labrador.  Whilst waiting for the ferry we met Kevin and Gale.  Kevin is an ex crab and has now settled with his family in Labrador.  They watered us with lots of beer and offered a place for the night but we were quite looking forward to sleeping on the beach.
Today consisted of gravel roads and being eaten by black fly every time we stopped and we now staying in a B&B at Port Hope Simpson and I for one am hoping that the rain forecast for tomorrow fails to put in an appearance.

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