Wednesday, 6 August 2014


Earlier this year I sat down with a university friend to discuss a NETFLIX video that I had seen earlier in the week.  It was titled Ride the Divide about a bicycle race from Banff to the Mexico Border along the Great Divide.  You might ask how what started as a bicycle adventure has morphed into one for a motorcycle.  Fear.  That is fear of being physically exhausted for 6 weeks and fear of gettin eateng by a grizzly.  The University friend did not own a motorbike so she could not participate and so was replaced by Camilla a motorcycle loving Cape Bretoner.  A month or so later Camilla and I found ourselves sitting in an unfinished basement of a house in Airdree, Alberta formulating the plans for the first hour of the ride.  You would be right in thinking that we were both fans of the ‘suck and see’ approach to planning.

Our thoughts are that over the next 14-18 days we will ride down the spine of the Rockies to the Mexican Border by starting at Banff and finishing at Antelope Wells.  The total length is 2,490 miles and is approximately 90% on dirt roads, logging tracks and ATV trails.

The bikes were delivered hassle free by Paul of Choice Logistics and a couple of days ahead of schedule :-)

Today has been spent getting the bikes 100% ready and engaging in the usual routine of going through the gear ruthlessly to try and get weight down.  The pile of stuff that needs to be sent back to Nova Scotia is growing.

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