Saturday, 16 August 2014

Yellowstone!!! Amazing but too many homosapiens

The track was due to take us south of Yellowstone National Park but having come this far we decided to give the track a 'poke in the eye with a sharp stick' and go and have a look at some world renowned sights.  What we had forgotten is that it is also world renowned for the volume of visitors both in terms of the volume of numbers and also the volume of individuals.  The sulphurous pools and geysers were outstanding, especially Old Faithful but we had been spoiled by avoiding large numbers of people and we soon were back on the road

Clearly I had seen something that did not meet with my approval.

'Old Faithful'.  That is the geyser above and not the geezer on the right or even the geezeress on the left.

Camilla studying some unusual wild flowers.

'Look at me' front wheel off the ground and only using one hand.  Tomorrow's lesson will be how to get the rear wheel off the ground so that the chain can be lubed.  But David I can do that now.  Trying to lube the chain when your riding buddy has flown the nest is a real chore.  Come back Camilla you did have a purpose :-)

Me sitting on a rock and without falling off!

This was an awesome campsite buried deep in the woods.

The following morning the road had been closed.  Of course we did not know since we passed the barrier location the previous day before camping.  They had dug a ditch right across the road except for the last 2' which unasked they flattened down for us to pass.  Thanks guys.  Ten minutes later the same happened and they did the same for us.  If we had arrived 5 minutes later we would have had to wait until the following Monday (2 days) before we could get through.  The Gods were smiling on us.

I saw this sign and it made me chuckle.  I have blown it up in the hope that you can read it'  For those of you who rely on ultrasound to see.
Violators will be shot
Survivors will be shot again'

Just shifting a couple of the larger rocks in this stream crossing

Thankfully no injuries to the bike.  Oh and no injuries to Camilla.

The Victorian Post Office in an old abandoned settlement.

It was in Wyoming that I tried and failed to loose Camilla and emphasised how tired and dehydrated you can become without fully appreciating it..

Due to finding our way blocked by a fence we had to try to find an alternative route and the only one that we could find was by tarmac and put a lot of miles on the journey.  Since I had changed the size of my front sprocket I was not sure on my range and nor was Camilla on hers.  We had a long ride and I opted for the option of riding slowly until I knew I had sufficient fuel and then I could speed up. Camilla decided that she found 70-80 kph to boring and so rode on ahead.  It was a long, hot and tiring ride and after an hour or so I saw a motorcyclist pulled on the forecourt of an abandoned fuel station and thinking it was Camilla I pulled up just past her and then turned round to join her.  On turning round I realised that it was not Camilla but a guy on a CBR1000 so I waved and rode off.  Fuel was good now so I came up in speed and when I arrived an hour or so later at the fuel station there was no Camilla.  Strange but I knew she was not behind me so I rode onto the next town.  Still no Camilla.  Worried now!  Perhaps I had missed her or even worse perhaps she had gone off the road.  I texted her then headed  back.  About 15 miles later something told me to check my phone and she had replied and was sat in a bar in town.  I joined her.  Turns out that it had been her and not a guy on a CBR1000.  She could not understand why I had ridden off and was now worried about her fuel so kept her speed down at the same time that I had decided to increase speed.
I can only put it down to being tired and dehydrated for not recognising her.  A little worrying and it could so easily have gone horribly wrong!!!!!!!

Ahhh Master will imitating the praying mantis make us better motorcycle riders?
No my son but it is a great relief for constipation.

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