Sunday, 10 August 2014

Land of the Maple Leaf

The 9 August saw us start the 'Ride the Divide Trail' properly.  Or so we thought.  Here we are following a GPS Trails that has supposedly been amended from the original mountain bike trail to follow a route that is legal for motorcycle.  So you can imagine our frustration when we had not gone a nano metre when we confronted with signs indicating no motorised traffic.  At little annoyed would be putting it mildly.

The result was that we had to take tarmac diversion which brought us back on the route just outside Canmore which we had left 8 hours before :-(
We did however find a lovely Canyon Campsite and then decided to have an explore.
Oh yes Maria dropped her bike today.  Perhaps it was punishment for having her hair cut yesterday.

Wildlife of the day - Rocky Mountain Sheep

10 August and our final day in Canada before crossing the border.  Trail Closed was going to be a regular sign on the whole trip and today proved to be no exception.

We took the decision to forget about the trail and get to the US Border on our own route using as many dirt roads as possible.  We were going to spend another night in Canada but found ourselves at the border crossing so just breezed through.  No need to show bike documents or anything.  Has to be the easiest border crossing ever.  Camped in a campsite in the village of Eureka where there were loads of cyclists riding the trail.

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  1. Was there a picture of the sheep? Didn't see it, but stunning pictures anyway!