Wednesday, 31 July 2013

An informative day was had by all and I found my true career as an actor. Daniel Craig eat your heart out.

We have had to wait for many trains on the trip but each one is worth a picture

and so to the Cypress Hills where there was a massacre of a band of local indians by wolf hunters who had come up from the States.  This led to the construction of Fort Walsh that was manned by the Canadian Mounted Police to help protect the local indians, re-establish Canadian sovereignty since the yanks were talking about annexing the area and also to try to get local indian tribes to sign the treaty.  For this they would receive an annual payment and also get a Treaty Medal (see below).

Fort Walsh has been reconstructed and there are re-enactment events.

One of the mounties

Treaty Medal

The re-enactment judge

The RCMP constables.

I played Mary Buckley who had been assaulted by that violent woman!!!

and so we crossed into Alberta and proceeded to Bow Island where we spent the night at the municipal campsite.  The area has a large Mennonite population.


  1. Wow. Thanks again for all the photo blogs. It really is such a stunning, amazing adventure. Congrats on everything you have accomplished so far, and best wishes for the future journeys.