Monday, 22 July 2013

I have crossed many lines

On leaving Timmins I took the road south trying to catch Alex..  The ride was very uninteresting and long but thankfully the rain that had been promised did not materialise.  Just outside Timmins there was a town that seemed  to be hell bent on making everything a 100 times its normal size.  I finished the day camping at Neys Provincial Park.  I had a great location on the shores of Lake Superior with its own beach and it used to be a camp for German prisoners of war.

Today I had decided to take it easy and visit some local attractions since I only had to get to Thunder Bay in order to meet Alex.  I checked out the visitors centre that was closed due to a photography course.  I passed through Schreiber and noticed that the names in the graveyard were Schroder  and a whole range of other German names.  What is the betting that their ancestors were prisoners who decided to stay after the war.  I also went and tried the longest zip line in Canada and thanks to Alison, Frances and Dale for their photography skills.  I visited the Terry Fox memorial where I got a text from Alex telling me that he was not in Thunder Bay but a further 200 km up the road at Ignace so I had a long ride and then a subway before heading for bed.

Leaving Ignace Alex rode 30yds across the road from our breakfast spot to the petrol station without his helmet.  This caused much aggravation to the police officer who was sat watching him and needless to say Alex received a few stern words.

The 21 July was a good riding day and we rode together good and fast and we arrived in Ear Falls in good time and chose to stay at Pakwash Provincial Park.  Great place bad weather since it poured down all night and it turned out that I pitched my tent in what turned out to be a puddle.  Not happy and so to today the nights rainfall lack of sleep and overcast sky helped us decide to ride to Winnipeg by road.

So what are the lines that I have crossed.

1)  The halfway along  the route mark just before Thunder Bay

2)  The mid way longitude of Canada

3)  Entering the Central Standard time zone

4)  Entering Manitoba

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