Thursday, 25 July 2013

Wet wet and yet more wet!!!!

We left Winnipeg and started to head NW.  We crossed many railway tracks that do not have gates or barriers but fortunately we were on the look out for this train.

A lot of the roads in Ontario and Manitoba have been closed due to flooding.  Normally we would ride past the barrier to see if we could get through and rarely have we been successful so our policy now is when we see a sign then we do not even try to get through.  There were 3 barricades on this day alone. 

We finished the day at Lake Mnitoba Narrows where we camped at the lake edge and when the tent was up I decided to go for a run.

Part way through yesterday we needed to do an change and so in Winnipegosis (Little muddy waters) we pitched up at a agricultural machinery repair yard owned by Cathy and Cory, who had been in the business for 50 years allowed us to use their forecourt, use their tools, dispose of our oil and take away our rubbish.  Good people.  Cory has been associated with the volunteer fire service for many years and was proud to tell us that they had the first pink engine in Canada.

The afternoon was one of rain so we stopped earlier than normal and booked into Duck Mountain Provincial Park campsite.  On a slope, boggy and full of mosquitoes.  The evening was even wetter than the day.  Not a lot of sleep due to the noise of the rain.

So today we awoke to yet more rain and therefore packing up was a miserable experience.  We rode all day in the rain and finally arrived in Nipawin, having crossed the Saskatchewan border, which Alex said reminded him of Tower Hamlets on a bad day. This city was awarded the honour in 1998 of being Canada's most desirable town to live in.

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