Saturday, 27 July 2013

So much sand I thought that I was on the beach

About half way through the many kilometres of sand and I did not drop the bike.


and yet more water
but at least the beavers were happy

we passed and decided to visit a shrine to Or Lady of Lourdes

apparently you are expected to confess whilst relieving yourself

the ferry at St Lawrence across the Saskatchewan River and the best think about it is that it is free

we could have done with a ferry here!!!!

we had to take a detour through the Rape Seed (Canola) in order to get round the water

in many places the path disappeared

and led us into impassable areas

Guy pulled up when we were at the Co-op petrol station in a small village just east of Saskatoon.  He invited us back to his farm for a beer which turned into more than one and we ended up staying the night..  He has a number of old cars and this Grand Prix was the first that he showed us.  Many of his friends and family visited that night so much so that my brain was overloaded trying to remember names.  I do remember Natasha, Teddy and Ryder.  Apologies for my spelling.

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