Thursday, 8 September 2016

Day 12 - Tegan to Turtuk and the closest foriegners can get to the Pakistani Border 220km

When I saw the motif on this gate I thought we were in Pakistan but this is simply a Muslim cemetery 

A quick drink for misty

I was feeling artistic and I think that I clearly have a future in the arts

Brick making

Lunch stop

The photos until the Dosa Stall are all pictures of the village of Turtuk which is the closest Indian village to the Pakistani Border.  As a European, in geographical location only, it was hard to appreciate the animosity/hate between India and Pakistan.

As my friends will readily point out I do not have the warmest heart towards strangers but this lady was a truly pitiful sight and had the effect of opening my wallet.

Basically a cafe manned by soldiers from the regiment based just down the road.

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