Friday, 9 September 2016

Day 13 - Tegar rest day. Something I am not too good at but working hard at improving

We got up late and visited a hot springs just down the road.  Men and women had to be separated and each had their own bath.  The water was so hot I could not put my feet in it.  Solution.  Fill up a bucket with cold water and put your feet in that.  Problem - the cold water was almost as hot as the hot water.

Yak's milk tea with its trademark pink colour.  Also known as Ladakh tea.  When in Mongolia I tries fermented mare's milk and that was also pink.  Incredibly this milk was also naturally salty which I suppose is a way for the calf to get its electrolytes.

In the afternoon we visited the sand dunes down at the local river.  Bearing in mind that they were at about 4000m they were quite large.

and for those who had never seen a camel face to face it was quite a treat

Who thought a motorcycle helmet could look so interesting and yes it is interesting.  The age of this one means it now needs to be replaced.  I will willingly accept donations in £.

The local cultural group put on a display for us in the evening

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