Thursday, 1 September 2016

Day 5 - Cricket balls and mud (Kaza to Tandi 160km)

We had a 0700 start today since the word from vehicles travelling in the opposite direction was that mud and water would play a big part in our days' experiences.
The first part of the day had cricket ball sized stones set into hard packed mud.  This and the Bullet's non existent suspension meant that the ride can best be compared to being kicked in the derriere by Kevin Keegan at a very high frequency.  I deduced that I was not going fast enough so my right hand was rotated downwards at a greater angle.

It had clearly been raining heavily since there were a few baby landslides and quite a bit of mud.

As the day progressed the going got better and we reached Kunzum Pass at 4590m.

Did I say that the going got better?  It did until we hit a long continuous patch of mud but like everything a little bit of power will always get you through.  It was only when we stopped that we had our only real injury of the hole trip.  Bharut on his Tiger slipped on the mud and Neha, his pillion, found herself heading towards the ground and in trying to break (no pun intended) her decent she ended up with a sprained thumb :(

That night we were in these hut like things.  Slept very well despite Varun's 'earthquake initiating' snoring. 

A nice and easy water crossing

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