Saturday, 10 September 2016

Day 14 - Tegar to Leh and our final day 160km

The queue of vehicles in the distance is waiting at roadworks.  We went cross country and I think that is Vlasta making her way up.  We were being egged on by a lady from a country bordering Canada saying that we were all young felines if we could not do it.  OK motormouth get back in your tour minibus and stop rabitting on!!!!!

Due to an ultra marathon taking place over KTop we took a detour over Wari La which was far more spectacular, fewer people and the road down was absolutely incredible

Part of the road down.  Unfortunately this photo does not do it justice.

Corr!  It's a big blue thing called the sky


Leh Palace

Leh at night

So a quick summary :-
Awesome scenery, great company and wrong choice of motorbike.  I was lured by the 'it must be done on a Bullet for the true Indian experience.  The truth is that you are very much limited with regards to the terrain you can negotiate and hence the fun you can have.  I am sure that many Europeans/North Americans would do a tour run by a western company and so they would miss out on the pleasure and mind broadening experience of travelling with people from a different culture.  Indimotard were professional, experienced and fun and I will use then again if I get the chance.  Anand that is payment for the 250,000 rupees I lost to you at cards :)

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