Saturday, 3 September 2016

Day 7 - Sarchu to Leh and fun on the plains 290km

The start of More Plains where Anand to put me off going since Misty was not best in sand and it was very easy to get lost.  Fortunately did not fall off or get lost and it was great fun.

Our well spread out convoy.

At the top Tanglang-La there was snow on the ground and icicles.  Karna and Sandy had never seen snow so they stopped just so they could touch it :)

From here I tried a steep uphill shortcut.  Misty can handle shortcuts if downhill but if uphill she has less power that a Puch Maxi.  Got about 30 metres up ran at of power put on the brakes and slid all the way back down where I dropped misty and ended up puffing like an old man as I tried to right her.  At over 4000m everything is hard work.

Thankfully a friendly yak.

The Himalayan that I wish I had been riding

If you go to the 12 minute point on this video you can see where I decided against Rashi's
gesticulating to take an uphill shortcut.  I failed.

That night we road into Leh the capital of the Ladakh Region of India.  We were in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

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