Saturday, 3 August 2013

A bit of South African hospitality.

Around 1700 we headed on a dirt road towards Crowsnest Pass that was some 50km away.  But after only 15km we hit the first section of washed out road that we managed to negotiate as we did for the second section 5km later.  Unfortunately the 3rd washout proved too difficult and we had to turn round and camp near the 2nd washout.  Fortunately only 3 groups tackled these obstacles and so the campsite was practically empty.  We got chatting to Claudius a South African lawyer who had been in Calgary for about 10 years and his friend Chelsea.  Great people who shared their fire and alcohol with us as did Jordan who came over to exchange 2 beers for marshmallows.  He left without any marshmallows or his beer that he kindly left behind.

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