Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Where is the Dutch lad with his thumb when you need him?

We caught the ferry across Kootenay Lake with Ben and Mark and then they turned left and we turned right.  We took asphalt to the ferry at Galena but when we discovered that the wait was about 4 hours we road down the eastern side of the lake to the Arrow Ferry where we crossed the lake and picked up the trail again.  We are now camped at Rithey Campsite on Whatsup Lake where it is pouring with rain and we have just dug irrigation channels to stop Alex’s tent from floating away.  I am about to stick my head out of the tent and check mine.

All OK I was dry as a bone :-)

But surely all Harleys just convert petrol into noise and little else

Ferry across Lake Kootenay

Ferry across Arrow Lake.  The only ferry that we have had to pay for is the one across to Ottawa.

and for all you grease monkeys

thankfully on this ferry you are only allowed 8 kids.  Awesome!!!!

Irrigation work

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