Friday, 9 August 2013

A German, a Japanese and an Italian

Last night we persuaded Frank to join us on the morning's ride.  That said it took very little persuasion.  He was good enough to cook us a hearty breakfast and we then hit the road with Frank on his Ducati Multistrada S.  We made sure that we called in on Dave who had looked after us when we had first reached Penticton and the we hit the trails proper.  Frank had never ridden on gravel before and to take such an expensive machine was brave but he soon got the idea and was zipping along like a pro and all on road tyres as well.  That said his rear tyre was so wide he had mountains of grip.  We rode together for 150km to Lumby and then Frank headed home by road and Alex and I continued to the Eagle River Campground near Skyline.  Unfortunately we had to pitch our tents within 50m of the Trans Canada Highway and so neither of us got any sleep.  The days trail was really remote and the scenery stunning.

The Multistrada, Frank and yours truly

Our campsite st the Eagle River campground, the Trans Canada Highway and the railway

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