Friday, 16 August 2013

These last 3 days are going to seem very very very long

From the Westwood Capsite in Nanaimo a quick breakfast at the Jungle Pot and then on the road.  We followed paved road for the first part and then got onto some gravel.  We had probably only done 5km off tarmac when we found our way barred by a bolted gate that had been closed due to the high risk of fire so it was an about turn and the only work around took us be paved road so we missed about 30km of gravel :-(
We had a couple more instances off locked gates over what they deemed as 'private' property but we were able to get round them.  Apparently these were locked since there have been instances of people vandalising the forest.  How do you vandalise a forest?  Not knowing how to vandalise a forest we assumed that the locked barriers did not apply to us. 

We got absolutely soaked in the afternoon so we made the executive decision and got a cheap hotel in Port Alberni for the night.  Port Alberni is on an inlet and is close to the centre of the island and it has clearly seen better days.  I think that the main industry is shipping wood pulp/wood chips from the port.

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