Wednesday, 11 May 2011

change of plans. Very common!!!!

The intention today was to head to Buzios along the coast. Started the day by doing a bit of planned maintenance on the bikes. Unfortunately Ian's fan has not been working for sometime and it took longer to put right than had been intended. So we stayed put in Rio and visited Copocabana Beach, very nice but I thought that Juquehy Beach was better. That said I had to explore the length of it and the easiest way to do it was by running and so I got my workout for the day. Clearly I was not as cool but definitely better looking than the posers in the open air gym. A quick coconut and then back to the hostel. On the metro we were amazed to find that we were the only males in the whole carriage it must be the Lynx(Axe in the rest of the world) effect. Or perhaps it had something to do with the sign that said women only during the rush hour. No discrimination there then!! and we even had to do our own washing.

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