Thursday, 19 May 2011

trucks, lorrries, camiones, wagons, big smelly noisy things

Whatever you call them they had a starring roll today. This morning I passed through some stunning canyon scenery with bright red rocks you can see where the soil gets its colour from. It was marred by the quality of the roads and it was just like I had been transported back to Kazakhstan the land of terrible roads. The potholes were huge and so numerous they seemed to merge into one. All caused by the unbelievable volume of heavy trucks. It would be verging on the low side if I was to say that for evey car there were at least 30 lorries. They all tended to bunch up so that at times there would be a convoy of 10 wagons all dodging the potholes they were creating and tail gating the one in front so there was no room to pull in after an overtake. In the end I just gave up and travelled at their speed which was at least 100kmh going downhill and 30kmh going up. I eventually reached cuiaba around dusk and found a hotel quite quickly. I even had a chat with a tour guide who has told me how to get out of the city and to the Pantanal tomorrow so that I can try out my new tent. I have no idea ref the condition of the road so it might be a shorter trip than expected. Outside the hotel there is what looks like a greasy spoon cafe but the food was great and they even had live music.

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