Monday, 2 May 2011

rain, wind and cold take 2

I think that the title outlines the weather of the day!!!!!!!!!
My attempt to make an early start failed miserably. Headed off in torrential rain and tried to escape the city again I failed miserably. Fortunately I was rescued by a fellow biker who offered to lead me out of the city but I convinced him to first take me to a bike shop to get some chain lub. It took 3 attempts before we found somewhere that stocked it. A quick ride to the outskirts of town and I was heading north. Rain, rain and more pigging rain. I even sheltered in a tourist information office where the official made me tea until that particular downpour had passed. In Porto Alegre I was overheard by a woman as I asked about local hotels. She ordered me to follow her and led me to a reasonable place where one of the other guests explained the route out of town for tomorrow. The theme for the day has been rain/cold and the generosity of people. I thought long and hard about getting a GPS but it would stop my interactions with the locals which all seem to originate with me asking for directions.

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